Sooke Country Market welcomes local musicians to enhance the market atmosphere weekly from May through September. 


Interested in performing at market?

We strive to support local farmers and also seek to provide a free venue for local artists, and we are pleased to offer a small fee is to musicians who are accepted for performance at the market. Please read the following guidelines carefully to ensure you are a good fit for the market at this time. Performer guidelines can also be viewed viewed in our General Guidelines here. After reviewing the guidelines, please submit an performer application form, which can be found here. Applying between October-March? Please be patient as winter applications are reviewed less frequently.

    Guidelines for Performers

    1. Prospective performers must complete a Performance Artist Application form available on the Sooke Country Market website or through the Market Manager. All new performers must be approved by the Market Board and will then be scheduled to perform at agreed upon date(s) through the season, by the Market Manager. 
    2. Pre-approved performers must be confirmed by the Tuesday before market day to hold their spot. If you are scheduled and not able to attend, please inform the Market Manager by Tuesday.
    3. Tips may be solicited by displaying a bowl, hat, instrument case or other receptacle, but not by actively asking for tips or passing around a tip jar.
    4. Performers may offer for sale only their own recordings (no re-selling).
    5. Performers may occupy any available space, subject to the approval of adjacent market vendors and the market coordinator (there is no designated performance space).
    6. Any type of performance, which involves harassing market shoppers, panhandling, shouting, disseminating propaganda or other potentially abusive or disruptive behavior will not be permitted.
    7. Any performer using foul or offensive language within the context of their performance will be given one warning and upon a second offense, will be asked to leave immediately.
    8. Performers are expected to have read and comply with the general rules and guidelines of the Sooke Country Market in their entirety.