Become a Vendor

If you are a new vendor, returning vendor or thinking about joining us, please review the following information. Since each of us, at some point, has been a first time vendor, we all know how intimidating it may seem. Just remember that apart from serving a useful purpose in our community, we are all here to enjoy each other's company as well as that of our many customers. So smile, relax and enjoy the experience.

2019 Fee Structure

All vendors must become a Market Association Member in order to vend, this fee will be collected as your first 2 market fees, no additional fee is required.

  • Annual fee for association members - $30.00

  • Daily fee- $ 15

  • Daily fee for sharing table - $7.50 per individual at the table (maximum 2 people)

  • Performers - free

  • Non-profit/community groups

  • Display only – free

  • Selling products - $ 5.00 (not including raffle tickets )

  • Local Business table (promotion only, no sales) - $10

  • Daily fee for vendors under 12 years of age - $2.00

  • Daily fee for vendors under 13- 19 years of age - $5.00

  • Fee for the season is $230 including membership

How do I know if I am eligible to vend?

Do you make, bake, grow or provide the service yourself? Products that may be sold include fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, food products and original crafts that are locally produced (with preference given to vendors in the Sooke and JDF electoral district) and not sold through a storefront operation with the exception of home based businesses. See here for the complete market guidelines. Please note: at this time we are unable to accept application for vendors who locally produce and sell alcoholic beverages, we apologize for this limitation.

  • Crafts - handcraft component must dominate the commercial component and must be of original, unique work or design

  • Growers -produce must be grown free of pesticides and herbicides and by the grower who is selling it (with the exception of a shared table arrangement)

All food products must conform to

  • current VIHA regulations. Please see their website here for full information on their regulations and familiarize yourself with their document "Guidelines for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Market", updated March 2016 and available here.

  • CFIA Core Labelling Requirements

We encourage the use of organic, unrefined, locally grown ingredients whenever possible.

Do I have to come every week?

No! Our market allows for flexible scheduling, so if you’re only able to come once a month we’d still love to have you. Follow the steps for vendor application and set your schedule with the market coordinator.

Can I share a table?

Yes! Sharing a table by two different vendors is possible and can be a viable way to cooperatively market with a friend or fellow producer.

Can children and youth participate in market?

Yes! We welcome a range of vendors. Vendors under 12 years of age can sell at market for a daily fee of just $2.00, ages 13-19 for $5; a shared table is a great possibility. Contact the Market Manager with an expression of interest.

What about performance artists and community groups?

We welcome both at market for the vibrancy they bring. The application process is slightly different; please see here for more information.

I’m interested! How do I apply?

All new vendors must be reviewed by the Market Manager and two board members prior to being allowed to vend. It’s easy to get the process started, here’s what you have to do:

  • Read our Sooke Market General Guidelines here

  • Fill out a vendor application form and submit. Find our forms here. Applying between October-March? Please be patient as winter applications are reviewed less frequently.

If you have been approved by the selection committee to vend at the market, the Market coordinator will contact you to explain procedures and scheduling then join us at market!