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Craft Guidelines and Application

Want to sell crafts or artistry at the market? Be sure to read our guidelines before applying. The application form can be found here.

Fees and Stall Space

  • All vendors must become a Market Association Member in order to vend

  • Annual fee for association members - $20.00

  • Daily fee- $ 20.00

  • Daily fee for sharing table - $10.00 per individual at the table (maximum 2 people)

  • Entertainers - free

  • Non-profit/community groups
    Display only – free
    Selling products - $ 15.00 (not including raffle tickets)

  • Local business table (promotion only, no sales) - $20.00

  • Daily fee for vendors under 12 years of age - $2.00

  • Daily fee for vendors  13- 19 years of age - $10.00

  • Fee for the full season is $450.00

Notes on fees

  1. All fees quoted are for a 10' x 10' area. Space for vendors under 19, non-profit groups and local businesses may be limited. Vendors supply their own tables, chairs and coverings.

  2. For vendors who cannot recoup the table fee from their day's sales, it may be possible to receive a credit for subsequent visit. Contact the Market coordinator on market day.

  3. The market will be open to the public from 10:00am to 2:00pm Saturdays each week from the second week in May through October.

  4. Vendors must be set up by 9:45am, with their vehicles removed from the market area and parked in the designated area.

  5. There shall be a limit of one stall per vendor. The Board of Directors may approve a larger space under special circumstances.

  6. Vendors who have bought space ahead of time must contact the market coordinator by Wednesday evening if they are unable to attend the market. The market runs rain or shine, but if a vendor chooses not to attend due to inclement weather, they should contact the market coordinator as soon as possible.

  7. Holders of permanent locations may lose their space for the market day if they are not present at the market by 9:45.

  8. The fees for the permanent spaces are not prorated.

  9. Sales are not allowed before 10am. A bell will ring to signal the start of the market. Vendors are permitted to sell to other vendors before the bell.

  10. Prequalified vendors must confirm their attendance with the market coordinator by 6pm on the Tuesday prior to the market day. A space cannot be guaranteed for more than one week unless it is paid for in full.

  11. The board reserves the right to limit the number of vendors and reserved spaces. The board will use its discretion to balance the types of products and services at the market.

  12. All vendors must fill out a Vendors Application form prior to vending.

  13. Market coordinator and two board members will review all new vendors prior to vending at the market. New vendors must sign a Vendor Application form and have reviewed the Sooke Country Market General Guidelines.

Sale of Products

  1. The board of Directors, to encourage a direct relationship between the producer and the consumer, requires that all products offered for sale are sold by the producer. Possible exceptions are: sharing of tables by two or more producers, e.g. a vendor selling for another producer who doesn't have enough produce to warrant a table. 75% of the material at the vendor's table must be produced by the selling vendor. Products not produced by the vendors must be labelled as such.

  2. All products must be produced locally. Preference will be given to vendors in the Sooke and JDF electoral district.

  3. Those products that MAY be sold (but not exclusive to) the following: fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, food products and original crafts.

  4. Those products that may not be sold include (but not exclusive to) the following: used or second hand material, including antiques, commercial products for resale. All food products must conform to current VIHA regulations. The current VIHA pamphlets on the kind of home prepared foods allowed and not allowed is available from the market coordinator. All baked/prepared foods must be covered or sealed and the list of their ingredients available to the customers. Vendors with VIHA approved commercial kitchens must follow the regulations regarding the display and sale of their food products.

  5. The onsite preparation of food or the operation of a food stand will not be permitted unless the vendor has a VIHA approved food stand.

  6. Provincial and Capital Regional District Health Regulations will apply to all produce and food products permitted to be sold and all vendors shall immediately cease to sell and remove any product upon the request of an official or representative of the VIHA health unit or by the Board of Directors or its agent

  7. The decisions as to the suitability of a product for sale at the market shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors

  8. In the event of the suitability of a product for sale during the course of the Market, if at least three Directors are present, their consensual decision as to the suitability shall be binding. If at least three directors are not present, then the Market coordinator's decision will stand until the Board makes a decision.

  9. Where the decision of the suitability of a product for sale has been made by three directors, that decision may be appealed by either the selling vendor or another vendor to the full Board of Directors at its next meeting.

  10. Each vendor shall, where required, obtain a Social Services Sales tax and GST registration number and shall be responsible for the collection and remittance of any PST or GST and shall provide proof of their numbers to any director upon request.

  11. Persons conducting a storefront operation (exclusive of a home based business) shall not be permitted to sell from the market.

  12. Guidelines for the participation in special events (e.g. Christmas Craft show) are at the discretion of the organizing committee and will be provided.

General Conduct

  1. Vendors are responsible for keeping the stall space and surrounding area clean and tidy at all times and for clearing up any litter from around their stall at the end of each market.

  2. No dogs or other animals will be permitted at the market except under the vendor's control and shall be contained within their space.

  3. There shall be no hawking, accosting or badgering of the members of the public.

  4. The Board of Directors in their absolute discretion may prohibit any person from renting stall space and may require persons to leave the market in the event that the person fails to or refuses to abide by the rules and regulations or decisions of the Board of Directors.

  5. Groups promoting political issues or religious perspective are not considered educational/community groups and are not permitted at the market.


Craft Policy

The following are guidelines that vendors selling crafts at the market should be aware of

  1. In all items, the handcraft component must dominate the commercial component, and the commercial components must be transformed in a way that makes the work unique (The starting material must be significantly altered and enhanced by the artisan)

  2. Items must be of original, unique work or design.

  3. The product must meet basic expectations of product life, function and safety.

  4. Each craft vendor's products must be reviewed in advance by the market coordinator and at least 2 board members before being displayed at the Market.

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